Each boxing gym and fitness studio has a different way of operating.  Our guidelines are designed to create a positive environment where training is our number one priority.  However, Classic Kickboxing is ultimately a dojo, and respect is a key component to the success of all who train and work at this studio.


What should I bring to class?
Students are required to bring their own gloves, wraps, and a large towel. Towels are used to keep the facilities as clean as possible for everyone (e.g. while using mats.) If you forget your hand wraps and boxing gloves, they are available to rent: students must pay rental fees if they use Classic Kickboxing's boxing gloves or hand wraps. If you prefer having your own gear, hand wraps and boxing gloves are also available for purchase.

Please do not track dirt into the studio by wearing inappropriate footwear (e.g. hiking boots.)

My wraps and gloves smell! How do I keep them clean?
This is pretty common as we all tend to sweat during a rigorous workout. To keep your gloves clean, wipe down the inside of your gloves and toss your wraps in the wash. It’s up to the student to maintain the cleanliness of their gloves and wraps.

Can I come and workout by myself?
We love the enthusiasm for working out! Classic Kickboxing is a private studio and students must attend scheduled classes or private lessons. Unfortunately, independent workouts are not permitted. Students are allowed to enter the weight room only when a personal trainer accompanies them.

Do I have to follow the class format or can I free-style?
Our coaches work hard to design the most technically sound and physically challenging classes for you. Please respect their expertise and follow the class format presented by the coach (i.e. avoid free-styling.) Students are expected to be attentive when the coach is giving directions.


How do I buy classes?
Our staff is available to facilitate purchases during business hours in the studio, by e-mail, or phone. Online purchases are available by clicking here.

When can I talk to someone about my account?
Our staff is available to answer questions and facilitate purchases during business hours in the studio, by e-mail, or phone. You can also call during hours of operation for assistance or speak to someone at the front desk. We arrange our business hours around our class schedule. We are open during class and generally 20-30 minutes before and after class.

Why am I still being billed for my monthly contract after it expires?
For monthly contract memberships (three, six, or twelve month memberships), once your contract has expired, you will continue to be billed afterwards month-to-month. If you want to cancel your membership you need to contact the gym.


Can I reserve a bag while the previous class is still in session?
Please wait until the previous class has vacated before reserving a bag.

Can I forgo wearing hand wraps and/or boxing gloves during class?
No. Lack of hand wraps and/or boxing gloves greatly increases your chances of getting injured. No one is allowed to take class without the proper gear. If you don't know how to wrap your hands, please try coming in about 15-20 minutes before class to give our staff enough time to wrap your hands.

Will I have to share my bag with someone else?
Students might be asked to share bags in the rare event that there are more students than bags. Flexibility and teamwork is appreciated.

Why did my instructor move me to another bag?
Instructors are trying to give you the best workout possible. If an instructor assigns students to different bags or to a different area of the studio, they are trying to improve your experience.

Can I attend more than one class in one day?
Yes, if space permits. Students who are attending their first class of the day have priority over students who are attending their second class. Students may not take a second class if the second class is full.

Is promotion permitted?
Please do not solicit students or coaches for personal or business purposes. This is to ensure a positive and distraction free workout.

What is the minimum age to attend group classes?
The minimum age to attend group classes is 14 years old (no exceptions). Teens under the age of 18 are required to bring a Classic Kickboxing Release Form signed by a parent or legal guardian. This form can also be signed in the studio before class if you prefer.