Master the Fundamentals:

This 90 minute course offers an in-depth discussion and practice of kickboxing essentials, including: proper fighting stance, boxing basics for the heavy bag and technical details for the front kick, side kick, and roundhouse kick.  Novice practitioners will enjoy heightened performance in the Boot Camps, including: improved balance and superior striking power.

Upcoming dates: Available upon request



At Classic Kickboxing, we are committed to providing excellent self-defense instruction within a safe and supportive environment that is conducive to learning. Designed for the novice student, our comprehensive 90-miinute self-defense workshop is open to students of all ages and abilities.  We concentrate on various physical defense tactics for a wide-range of real-life scenarios, equipping each individual with mental and physical preparedness and strategies to most effectively react in the critical 5-10 second window of time in any unknown situation.  Based on a mixture of martial arts principals, our workshop consists of demonstration and hands-on practice to ensure mastery.

In addition to physical preparedness, psychological preparedness and avoidance strategies are incorporated into our workshop. Completion of the workshop will enhance personal safety, teach every individual to use one’s body as a weapon, and increase self confidence.

Upcoming dates: Available upon request